33 Weird Names for a Pizza Shop

1. Pizzarrhea!

2. Bobbing for Pizza

3. Pizza on the Moon (sci-fi theme)

4. Pistol-Packin’ Pizza Mamaabout:blank

5. Purty Mouth Pizza

6. You Like-a Pizza?

7. Shake Yer Moneymaker Pizza Baker

8. Rome If You Want To (Roman-style pizza)

9. Value of Pie

10. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheeseburgers (Because It’s Pizza)

11. Here Today, Gone Tomato Pies

12. Fun Guys Vegan Pizza

13. Wake Up to Breakfast Pizza

14. Up Your Pizza Hole

15. My Big Fat Italian Pizza (My Big Fat Italian Pasta and My Big Fat Greek Pizza are taken!)

16. Sloppy’s Slice Shop

17. Va-Va-Voom Vegan Pizza

18. Now That’s What I Call Pizza!

19. Pi Za Pies

20. Mama Said Pizza!

21. Pepper Annie’s Pizza Emporium

22. Piggy Parts Pizza

23 Mean Old Mr. Pizza

24. Master of My Doughmain

25. I’m Too Sexy for My Slice

26. Onomatopizza (taken in Mumbai)

27. Pizza’hoy! (taken in Granada)

28. Start Spreadin’ the Sauce!

29. Pizza Gorillaz

30. Ex-Wife’s Pizza

31. Pizza Up in Dis House

32. The 3 Pizzateers

33. Big Gay Pizza Gals

98 Percent of College Students Gave Up Their Best Friend’s Email for Free Pizza

s your best friend’s privacy more important than pizza? Don’t be afraid to say no — you’re not alone.

While 60 percent of Americans say they would never feel comfortable sharing their email contacts, throw in a cheesy, greasy pie and that notion disappears. A recent study of 3,108 MIT students found that a whopping 98 percent of college students gave up their best friend’s email address when they were promised a free slice of pizza.