Movie Questions


  • Did you see Encanto? Did you like it?
  • What are the things that create pressure in the lives of teenagers?
  • If a friend was really stressed out, How would you help them deal with stress? 
  • Does that advise apply to you?


  • Who is your favorite Super-Hero?
  • Why do you think that Loki wanted humans to bow to him?
  • Loki said that kneeling was humans’ natural state. Do you agree with him or not? What evidence do you have? 
  • Loki would argue that humans aren’t really free. In fact, in other places in the movie, he says that outright. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • The old man said there were always those in the world who want others to kneel before them. Can you name some of them? 
  • What about God? Does He want us to be free? Does God want us to knell to him? How do you know?

Wreck it Ralph

  • What is a favorite video game?
  • What does it mean to be a “bad guy” and a “good guy”?
  •  Why did Ralph want to be a “good guy” so much?
  • Do you think the “bad guys” club was helpful for Ralph, or not? Why?
  • Have you ever felt like Ralph? Have you ever wanted to be something different, but couldn’t for whatever reason?
  •  Is it possible for people to change? How do you know?

Inside Out

  • Share a time someone has been a good friend to you.
  • What does friendship look like? 
  • What gifts have God given you?
  • Have you’ve ever experienced sadness?  


  • We are going to practice empathy. Define Empathy. List the characters in this short. What do you think each character was feeling? 
  • What do you think the Mom wanted from her son? What do you think the Son wanted from his Mom?
  • How is this video similar and different to the relationship you have with your parents? 



  1. Take a picture that shows 8 hands and 13 fingers.
  2. Take a jumping pic.
  3. Photo a license plate which has all numbers summing to exactly 11.
  4. Find a statue and recreate the statue side by side with your group
  5. Take a picture that captures the true essence of the color orange.
  6. Take a picture of a non-human animal or insect
  7. Recreate a photo that feels like it’s from the 90’s
  8. Everyone in your group must pick a jungle animal or sound and film your group reproducing the sounds of a jungle.
  9. Your group is now a band. Create your first album cover.
  10. Make a human pyramid.
  11. Stealthily get in another group’s photo.
  12. Your whole group must take a picture with shoes on every person’s hand.
  13. Have your group recreate a famous painting. 
  14. One of your team has passed gas. Everyone else on the team needs to react.
  15. Take a photo of your group that matches the caption “I can’t believe we all fit in here”
  16. Film someone in your group successfully completing a water bottle flip
  17.  Take a photo or video re-enacting a moment in history 
  18. Recreate a photo reacting an awkward date
  19. Factor: 18×3+3x 2-6x
  20. Construct and wear pirate hats made out of paper.
  21. As a group, you need to do 100 push-up total. Film it as proof. 
  22. From a birdseye view, while using all group members, recreate a giant emoji
  23. Recreate any scene from the Star Wars films
  24. Take a picture of scared people watching a meteorite approach!
  25.  Someone getting wet
  26. Find two black cars side by side.
  27. Snap a shot of a teammate standing under a lightbulb as if coming up with a brilliant idea.
  28.  Picture of $3.25
  29. Take a photo or film a video of two team members play-fighting and showing off their martial arts skills.
  30.  Take a picture with someone wearing a crown. 

Dunk List




Megan M.
Britt L.
Nick Engebretson
Lukas Freeberg
Susie Porter
Jimmy Barnett
Megan Nerison