Movie Questions


  • Did you see Encanto? Did you like it?
  • What are the things that create pressure in the lives of teenagers?
  • If a friend was really stressed out, How would you help them deal with stress? 
  • Does that advise apply to you?


  • Who is your favorite Super-Hero?
  • Why do you think that Loki wanted humans to bow to him?
  • Loki said that kneeling was humans’ natural state. Do you agree with him or not? What evidence do you have? 
  • Loki would argue that humans aren’t really free. In fact, in other places in the movie, he says that outright. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • The old man said there were always those in the world who want others to kneel before them. Can you name some of them? 
  • What about God? Does He want us to be free? Does God want us to knell to him? How do you know?

Wreck it Ralph

  • What is a favorite video game?
  • What does it mean to be a “bad guy” and a “good guy”?
  •  Why did Ralph want to be a “good guy” so much?
  • Do you think the “bad guys” club was helpful for Ralph, or not? Why?
  • Have you ever felt like Ralph? Have you ever wanted to be something different, but couldn’t for whatever reason?
  •  Is it possible for people to change? How do you know?

Inside Out

  • Share a time someone has been a good friend to you.
  • What does friendship look like? 
  • What gifts have God given you?
  • Have you’ve ever experienced sadness?  


  • We are going to practice empathy. Define Empathy. List the characters in this short. What do you think each character was feeling? 
  • What do you think the Mom wanted from her son? What do you think the Son wanted from his Mom?
  • How is this video similar and different to the relationship you have with your parents? 



  1. Take a picture that shows 8 hands and 13 fingers.
  2. Take a jumping pic.
  3. Photo a license plate which has all numbers summing to exactly 11.
  4. Find a statue and recreate the statue side by side with your group
  5. Take a picture that captures the true essence of the color orange.
  6. Take a picture of a non-human animal or insect
  7. Recreate a photo that feels like it’s from the 90’s
  8. Everyone in your group must pick a jungle animal or sound and film your group reproducing the sounds of a jungle.
  9. Your group is now a band. Create your first album cover.
  10. Make a human pyramid.
  11. Stealthily get in another group’s photo.
  12. Your whole group must take a picture with shoes on every person’s hand.
  13. Have your group recreate a famous painting. 
  14. One of your team has passed gas. Everyone else on the team needs to react.
  15. Take a photo of your group that matches the caption “I can’t believe we all fit in here”
  16. Film someone in your group successfully completing a water bottle flip
  17.  Take a photo or video re-enacting a moment in history 
  18. Recreate a photo reacting an awkward date
  19. Factor: 18×3+3x 2-6x
  20. Construct and wear pirate hats made out of paper.
  21. As a group, you need to do 100 push-up total. Film it as proof. 
  22. From a birdseye view, while using all group members, recreate a giant emoji
  23. Recreate any scene from the Star Wars films
  24. Take a picture of scared people watching a meteorite approach!
  25.  Someone getting wet
  26. Find two black cars side by side.
  27. Snap a shot of a teammate standing under a lightbulb as if coming up with a brilliant idea.
  28.  Picture of $3.25
  29. Take a photo or film a video of two team members play-fighting and showing off their martial arts skills.
  30.  Take a picture with someone wearing a crown. 

Dunk List




Megan M.
Britt L.
Nick Engebretson
Lukas Freeberg
Susie Porter
Jimmy Barnett
Megan Nerison

33 Weird Names for a Pizza Shop

1. Pizzarrhea!

2. Bobbing for Pizza

3. Pizza on the Moon (sci-fi theme)

4. Pistol-Packin’ Pizza Mamaabout:blank

5. Purty Mouth Pizza

6. You Like-a Pizza?

7. Shake Yer Moneymaker Pizza Baker

8. Rome If You Want To (Roman-style pizza)

9. Value of Pie

10. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheeseburgers (Because It’s Pizza)

11. Here Today, Gone Tomato Pies

12. Fun Guys Vegan Pizza

13. Wake Up to Breakfast Pizza

14. Up Your Pizza Hole

15. My Big Fat Italian Pizza (My Big Fat Italian Pasta and My Big Fat Greek Pizza are taken!)

16. Sloppy’s Slice Shop

17. Va-Va-Voom Vegan Pizza

18. Now That’s What I Call Pizza!

19. Pi Za Pies

20. Mama Said Pizza!

21. Pepper Annie’s Pizza Emporium

22. Piggy Parts Pizza

23 Mean Old Mr. Pizza

24. Master of My Doughmain

25. I’m Too Sexy for My Slice

26. Onomatopizza (taken in Mumbai)

27. Pizza’hoy! (taken in Granada)

28. Start Spreadin’ the Sauce!

29. Pizza Gorillaz

30. Ex-Wife’s Pizza

31. Pizza Up in Dis House

32. The 3 Pizzateers

33. Big Gay Pizza Gals

98 Percent of College Students Gave Up Their Best Friend’s Email for Free Pizza

s your best friend’s privacy more important than pizza? Don’t be afraid to say no — you’re not alone.

While 60 percent of Americans say they would never feel comfortable sharing their email contacts, throw in a cheesy, greasy pie and that notion disappears. A recent study of 3,108 MIT students found that a whopping 98 percent of college students gave up their best friend’s email address when they were promised a free slice of pizza.